Adopted – Angel

We can tell Angel was loved by her elderly owner because of her sweet personality.  However, she wasn’t cared for very well.  She came into rescue underweight, with ear infections, a heart murmur, a bacterial skin infection and severe allergies that left her scratching herself constantly.  Worse yet, she was covered in papilloma warts, some large, ulcerated and bleeding.  She was 11 years old and quite frail.  Immediate veterinary care was given to get the allergies under control (with Apoquel) and medicated baths to rid the skin of the bacterial infection to get her comfortable.  After the skin was under control, we took Angel to a vet office that has laser growth removal (Mount Laurel Animal Hospital), which gave her the best results with minimal discomfort.  Over two sessions, approximately 40 of the worst growths were removed.  The remaining warts do not bother her and unless they do, they will remain.

While Angel is now stable and would be a good candidate for a senior adoption, she has really made herself at home with foster mom Deb & brother Valentine.  Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital is nearby should she need additional laser treatments so she will remain where she is – no reason to uproot her at this juncture.  Plus Deb and Valentine love her too much to let her go!

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