Adopted – Diva

Diva has been adopted.  This pretty girl loves life, Dive the Airedale Waiting for a Good Homeother dogs, and even cats. She is 20 months old.  Diva was surrendered because her owner felt that she didn’t have enough time for her and it shows in her lack of basic manners. She is high energy and we have seen her leap over other dogs, she has a few bad habits like jumping on people, mouthing, and she pulls on a leash. All of these can be fixed with time and attention. She would do best as an only dog even though she likes other dogs she can be a little overwhelming to them, no small children, and someone who is home during the day, will take her to doggy daycare, or have a pet walker. She is housebroken and takes good care of her squeaky toys.

If you are interested in adopting another Airedale, have a fenced yard, and live in PA, DE, or NJ, please complete an application.