Happy Tails – Duke

Duke and his birth mother lost their home due to a natural disaster and the family unfortunately had to move to an apartment.  A nice family took in Duke and his ma but when they got there, oh my goodness!  There were already 4 Airedales living there!  Ma settled in nicely with the pack but Duke and one of the other males just didn’t get along.  The family tried and tried but it became obvious that they weren’t happy with each other so Airedale Rescue of the Delaware Valley was called to help.

Knowing Duke didn’t like the male dog in the first home, we knew he couldn’t go to a home with another male dog.  All of our foster homes were occupied by at least one dog already and we needed to decompress Duke to properly assess the situation.  The waiting applicant list showed someone who had no other pets – maybe he would foster to adopt?  With some “support” from his neighbors, David agreed to foster Duke.  David’s neighbors knew he needed another Airedale in his life.  He had lost his beloved Emma several years ago and after recently retiring, the time was right to seek out his new pal.

Within a week or so David called ARADV to tell us he had failed….at fostering.  Duke was home!

Duke and David take several walks a day in local parks and through the historical city where they live.  His best friends are the golden labs across the street (females).  This summer Duke will enjoy sailing on his dad’s sailboat.  He has been to the marina and everyone is a big fan of Duke already.  Duke also enjoys playing the mandolin and metal detecting with dad (according to his Facebook page).

If you are interested in adopting an Airedale, have a fenced yard, and live in PA, DE, or NJ, please complete an application.