Happy Tails – Odin & Addie

Odin and Addie were surrendered together – a pair of 6-year-old littermates. Their former owners had a hard time keeping them in the fenced yard. There seemed to be a spot where the fence was off the ground and they kept getting out of that area. They were very bonded to each other, particularly the male, Odin. Addie is more independent and could have done well without Odin, but Odin is very attached to Addie. Usually we will split up a pair surrendered together because typically one is dominant over the other, making that dog unhappy. Also, in the case of littermates, they are often bonded to each other so strongly that they don’t interact with their humans.

In this case, we were lucky to find a foster home who could take both dogs and evaluate them. In early January, 2020, we were ready to make the move and out Pittsburgh area volunteer orchestrated the surrender and transport out to the foster home. Using their Airedale experience, the adopters quickly navigated through some behavioral problems. After a few weeks, it was decided … they had failed as fosters. Odin & Addie were home!

If you are interested in adopting an Airedale, have a fenced yard, and live in PA, DE, or NJ, please complete an application.