Adopting An Airedale

Airedales are very high-maintenance animals.

Airedales are 50+ pounds of attitude. They are smart and curious dogs. If it bothers you to be outwitted by a dog every now and then, don’t get an Airedale. If you want a dog you can control completely, one who will lay quietly at your side and never question your judgment, you should definitely consider another breed.

Obviously, we love Airedales and are dedicated to their well-being. Since we are Airedale people, we can’t imagine life without one. But we also realize that Airedales are not for everyone. Often, people who think they want an Airedale really don’t. These people are attracted to the dog because of its looks, but they do not realize the work involved in maintaining such an intelligent, high-energy animal.

That is why we want to be as honest as possible with you and we hope that you will be honest with us. Especially if you have never owned an Airedale before, please hear us out with an open mind.

Why does it take so long?

Yes, it will take longer to get a dog from ARADV, and sometimes we may never have a dog that fits your profile. This is not a reflection on you. It’s not because we think you’re a bad home, or that you wouldn’t love your pet. It’s just that we know all too well the heartache for everyone when a placement does not work, and we wish to spare you, and the dog, this pain.

Please bear in mind, we find homes for Airedales who no longer have one. This is not quite the same thing as finding Airedales for those who want them. Our abiding concern is for the dog. Our goal is placing our dogs in forever homes.

Adoption Process

Because we live with these dogs, we get to know them in a home environment. We ask you to listen carefully to our comments and recommendations. We know the individual dogs and all of us have lived with many Airedales and have many decades worth of experience.

Please be patient with our zeal. Since we live with most of these dogs, they become one of our own and we worry when we send them off to a new life. If we seem strict about our rules and fanatic about our dogs’ well-being, please know we have come to love them and wish the best not only for them, but for your family as well. We have long ago had to cope with the reality that, as individuals, we simply can not keep all the wonderful Airedales who need homes. We need you and the dogs need you, so we ask you to be understanding of our concern for them.

We put a lot of time, energy, money, patience and love into these dogs and we have been rewarded hundreds of times over by their gratitude and by seeing them settle happily into new homes. We also learned that sometimes people think they want one thing when they really would be happier with something a bit different. So please, do listen to us when we tell you that we think a certain one of our dogs would be a happier match for you, your family and your lifestyle.

If we do not have a Rescue dog suitable for your family when you first contact us, please be patient. Because ours is a well-established and very active Rescue group, we have a steady stream of dogs coming through our network. We will tell you if your situation is rare, making your chances unlikely. These are wonderful dogs who have run into circumstances beyond their control and now find themselves in need of a new home and people who are willing to make a caring commitment to them for the rest of their lives.


Up to age 1: $400
Age 1-2: $350
Age 2-4: $325
Age 4-6: $300
Age 6-8: $250
Over 8: $100

Adoption fees cover the costs of preparing a healthy dog for adoption, but they also help to pay for other dogs that may require more expensive treatment and rehabilitation to become “adoption ready”.  Young, healthy dogs are more easily placed; for older dogs with health or other issues it might take months of foster care, visits to the vet, and training before the dog is placed in the most appropriate forever home.  Our volunteers donate their time and talents to helping these Airedales who may have come out of situations where they suffered from neglect or abuse, and the fees from our adoptions allow us to provide critical care to all of the animals that we rescue.  100% of our adoption fees go to the care of rescued Airedales.


ARADV only places dogs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. If you live in another state and wish to adopt an Airedale, please go to the Airedale Terrier Club of America’s Rescue and Adoption Committee site to locate a volunteer in your area.

Applying to Adopt

It is a requirement to read, agree to, and abide by our Sample Placement Agreement before completing and submitting our adoption application. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant. Please make sure you are willing to comply with the conditions detailed in the placement agreement before you submit your adoption application.