Discussion Groups

We do not recommend any one group over another. Each has its focus and personality, as well as its own policies and procedures. Be sure to check them out carefully before you join!

Facebook – Airedale Terrier Owners Group
From the group page:  “For owners of and lovers of Airedale Terriers.”

Facebook – Airedale Trimming and Grooming
From the group page : “Topics related to show grooming and trimming for the Airedale breed ring, and clippering as it pertains to keeping your dog in proper Airedalean appearance.”

Facebook – Airedales!
Posts, photos and videos all about Airedales.

Airedale-L is a general discussion forum for owners/fanciers of Airedale Terriers. They write: “We are over 600 members strong, worldwide, and share a common trait: our love for the Airedale Terrier, the finest animal on the planet!”

ADT Nutrition
This list has been set up to provide a forum for the serious discussion of canine nutrition as related to the experiences of members with Airedale Terriers.

“From the group’s page: The TrainingAiredales list is for people who are working, or who want to work, with Airedales in many different arenas, including but not limited to: obedience, rally obedience, agility, herding, flyball, frisbee, dancing, therapy, service work, conformation, hunting, search and rescue, tracking, schutzhund, and more.”